Our City

City of Leitchfield, KY

Leitchfield is the county seat for Grayson County, Kentucky. Centrally located at Exit 107 off Western Kentucky Parkway. City of Leitchfield has an unofficial population of 6,100 residents, and is best known for being home to the Twin Lakes.  Leitchfield is a diverse community with annual festivals and award-winning schools. We have something to offer for everyone Quality of Life, Career Training and Affordable living. We are Filled with fun.. Surrounded by adventure!


Our town has something for everyone: fishing, boating, shopping, arts, industry, historical tours and just about anything in-between! Leitchfield attracts thousands of visitors each year looking for lake activities and events like the annual Art in the Park show and the Twin Lakes National Fiddler Championship. 

Founded in 1810 and formally incorporated in 1866, the Grayson County Seat of Leitchfield was named for Major David Leitch of Campbell County. 

After fighting in the American Revolutionary War, Leitch married his wife Keturah Moss in 1790. After less than 4 hours of marriage, Leitch caught pneumonia and died. Being the sole heir of their property and holdings, Keturah donated the land that would become Leitchfield on the condition that it would be named in honor of her first husband. 

The site of Leitchfield was partially chosen due to its access to freshwater springs and lakes, primarily Rough River and Nolin Lake.